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Eternal Gold™ Skincare’s unique formula is designed to give the skin the ability to heal itself. 

How Eternal Gold™ Works: The Science

The science! Every day our bodies create new cells. As we age, the cell regeneration process shortens the caps at the ends of our DNA. We call these ends telomeres. The shorter the telomeres get, the more you feel and exhibit the signs of aging. Healthy lifestyles can decrease the speed of this shortening. So, staying healthy helps to increase lifespan and slow aging. Eternal Gold™ Skincare products contain full-length telomere frequencies. This means you aren’t just slowing down the aging process, you are reversing it! Plus, you are giving yourself powerful protection against disease. Eternal Gold™ Skincare products help repair the DNA and regenerate youthful skin.

eternal gold, Why Eternal Gold™

How Eternal Gold™ Works: Energetic Frequencies

How do Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products work? Everything is energy, including your body and skin cells. Energy embeds itself in substances that can then become carriers of energy. Think of it this way. Trees are energy. The furniture in your home that comes from trees holds that energy. Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products are carriers of intelligent energy. They hold the energy of healthy skin cells. Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products transfer healthy energy to your damaged cells with nutrients and high-frequencies. Your body absorbs the energies and regenerates for healthier, youthful skin.

How Eternal Gold™ Works: Restorative Skincare

A quick way to think of this process: Think of telomeres as the blueprint of how and how long a person will live. Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products lengthen telomeres, improving the health of cells. Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products also contains ORMUS which heightens skin consciousness and repairs DNA.
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