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Why are dolphins so special?

Oct 31, 2020 | Podcast

, Why are dolphins so special?

On this episode of A NEW You Makeover, Upgrading Human Potential, we talk with Linda Shay about why the dolphins are so special and their role in the healing and ascension of the planet. They have taken on a project to “heal the hearts of humanity – ALL of humanity.”

Linda Shay is a trailblazer in the evolution of human consciousness, and a pioneer in the field of Dolphin Energy Healing. For over 20 years, Linda has been collaborating with the wise, vast, loving, pan-universal Dolphin Consciousness to help humans heal their hearts, transform their consciousness, and find their JOY!

After a life-changing encounter with a wild Hawaiian spinner dolphin in 1996, Linda was led on a profound 7-year inner journey of awakening and metamorphosis, guided and choreographed by the Dolphin Consciousness, that resulted in her embodying a new quality of consciousness on Earth – a blended human-dolphin consciousness.

As a result of that journey, Dolphin created a spiritual blueprint that allows others to receive this gift. Described as a new spiritual path for humanity, the Dolphin Attunement Journey delivers this metamorphosis of human consciousness. Upon receiving the 7th Dolphin Attunement, receivers pass through a gateway and emerge living embodiments of human-dolphin consciousness.

Linda has trained over 100 Certified Dolphin Energy Practitioners around the world. She offers personal Dolphin Energy Healing sessions as well as in-person retreats and classes.

Linda tells her remarkable story in her book, ‘Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land’. Linda also contributed the opening chapter to Amazon best-seller ‘Dolphins and Whales Forever’.

Linda is passionate about fostering and nurturing loving-kindness and harmonious relationships among our human family – creating Unity-Community on Earth. Her personal purpose is to grow in Love and to do all she can to bring forth the New Earth with JOY. Linda’s favorite mantra is “Kindness Rocks!”

Linda recently relocated her healing and teaching practice to the place of her birth – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – to provide loving care for her 91-yr-young mom. Linda loves to cook, hike, read, and hang out in nature and where fun-loving and open-hearted people can be found.

For those listening, Linda has a special offer for you! FREE gift of: Spirit Dolphins – We’re Here to Help! eBook and an accompanying Meet Your Dolphin Spirit Guide meditation MP3. Go to:

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