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The Alchemy of Infinite Gold Skin Care: A spiritual recipe for eternal life created beyond the third dimension

Aug 18, 2018 | Life Eternal

Eternal Gold™ Skin Care began long before I even knew it would. Thinking back, I have been on the journey toward its creation for more than twenty years. As a vibrational therapist, I have studied energy, and all the magic that comes with it, since I was in my teens. Then, two years ago my best friend, and soul brother, past away suddenly of a rare form of cancer and my life changed.

The thirty days following his cancer diagnosis to the day of his death, was like watching a relationship move from the third dimension into multi dimensions. Rob Carter’s death may have ended our relationship in a physical sense, but our friendship never faded. It transcended the physical world, and in some ways grew stronger, marking the beginning of my communication with what I call the Council of Light, of which Rob was a member.

Similar to having a business meeting, the Council was a systematized, codependent council that met to create new ideas with the purpose of transcending humanity. At the Council of Light, I would receive instruction from the spiritual world and transmit that to the physical world. With the new information in developing ORMUS (Orbited Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or M-state Elements) I received from the spiritually guided council, Eternal Gold™ began.

The information I received on developing ORMUS, included what frequencies I was to put into each batch. I began ingesting the ORMUS approximately two months later and, in a dream state, the ORMUS allowed me to meet my higher-self. My higher self guided me through the steps to make a scalar energy device. When I woke, I immediately took notes and drew pictures of the information. After a couple weeks, I began building the machine my higher self taught me about. When the device was completed, I was able to heal clients with energy that the machine gained through images of healthy cells, and my clients’ pictures. It worked like magic. I then made a cream with the ORMUS and energetic imprints. The ORMUS’s ability to heal the DNA and move in and out of this dimension, brought in life force energy, intensifying the energetic imprints. This is the basis of what I consider

creating eternal life. The product is programed to hold the frequencies of eternal life in more than 200 imprints. When using these frequencies daily, the mind, body, and spirit are simulated. However, you may not achieve eternal life, the frequency held in Eternal Gold™ vibrates at that level.

How it works

A scalar device programed with over 250 vibrational imprints starting with the God Particle. This frequency is used to bypass karma and spiritual law so that all other frequencies are not diminished and can be in their purest form without limitation. The scalar device is used to create a wave that contains imprinted information. Some of the frequencies used are HGH, repaired DNA, activated DNA, repaired telomeres, adult stem cells and other specific energies formulated to reverse aging. The frequencies create a full body balance working with the organs, hormones, endocrine system and the auric field, creating health and vitality for mind, body and spirit. The stored information can be within or outside of the dimension of the scalar wave.  Scalar waves are entirely different waves than Hertzian waves. The Scalar wave is a high frequency receiver and conductor used for accurate information that does not decay over time or distance. This energy performs with the energy system of the human body.

The imprinted energy is carried through a conductor, gold, and imprinted onto the ORMUS or M-state element substance. In this state, the ORMUS allows the imprinted energy to move in and out of the third dimension, bringing the imprinted energy into its purest form. At its purest form, life force energy can be retrieved and reconnected with the person of use. Each time the scalar imprinted ORMUS moves in and out of existence, more life force energy is brought back into the conductor or receiver of

the gold, carrying the life force energy and other imprinted energy information.

The imprinted ORMUS then travels through the conductor, gold, by carrying the imprinted life force energy into the solid forms within the product, such as Shea Butter, coco-butter, and rose. The gold is used as a conductor of the imprinted energies, allowing the product to hold the frequencies at a higher frequency with the vibratory imprints of eternal life. The gold then penetrates the product ingredients deep into the skin, where it can work from the inside out creating health and wellbeing as well as the reverse aging of the skin.

The energies and elements work together continuously, gathering more and more life force energy. As they work together, they form the shape of a pyramid, collecting and creating eternal life within the God particle. Eternal Gold™ isn’t just a skin care line, it is a spiritual recipe of eternal life created beyond the third dimension.


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