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Feb 6, 2020 | Podcast, Uncategorized

Full Moon in Leo during Aquarius. Leo is the sun sign and sun rules over the moon yet this time it’s the Aquarius sun ruling over the Leo full moon which creates a little bit of a power struggle. The Leo moon gives us a feisty, uplifting jolt of energy during a time when we just settled into reflection and introspection. This moon will have you tap into and embrace your personal power to break out of the winter rut. We just spent the beginning of the year clearing and releasing things that no longer serve and resonate with us added with eclipses and portals to amplify these clearings that at the time felt intense now allows us to breathe into the strength and have the courage to think big, act big and manifest big. Aquarius is air and all about creating beyond our limits, this full moon in Leo is going to shine a light on our personal magnetism and charm – its going to bring our best attributes to light which creates momentum to expand beyond our limits, expand out of our box to step into the power of the Leo Lion and roar your way thru this full moon cycle. Celebrate and honor you for all the clearing you just let go of – now is the time to let go and create beyond your wildest imagination as things are about to shake up and take form!


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