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StarCaster Forecast: Moving To Higher Frequencies With Erika Barth, Barbara Carter, And Naomi Sharp

Jan 10, 2020 | Podcast, Uncategorized

NYM StarCaster Radio | StarCaster Forecast


It is the holiday season, and the time of connecting with the people around us is becoming stronger. Just as it should, we are entering into the full moon in December, ruled by Gemini. In this episode, Erika Barth, Barbara Carter, and Naomi Sharp visit the show to give you this month’s StarCaster Forecast. Erika dabbles into the moments of connection we have to be aware of as we enter a time for reflection, Barbara reads The Keys of Enoch to share the keys of living about the physical and astrophysical universe, and Naomi teaches us how to move into these higher frequencies and expanded states of consciousness with ease and grace. With these three, absorb the three atomic signals of the star gate and feel your sacred code awakening.

Listen to the podcast here:

StarCaster Forecast: Moving To Higher Frequencies With Erika Barth, Barbara Carter, And Naomi Sharp

I have Barbara, Naomi and Erika here and we are so excited. We are sending you a great big hug as we continue to create our new earth reality. We are going to start with the sacred code activation. Everybody wants to take a few minutes to connect to your heart, sitting with your eyes closed and putting your hands in prayer position. Interlock all your fingers. Allow the tips of your two pinky fingers to touch. Allow the tips of your two thumbs to touch. Taking a deep breath and touch your thumbs to your heart. Breathe out. Take in another deep breath and touch your pinkies to just below your belly button. Breathe out. Place your hands on top of your head and say aloud, “I ask to activate and awaken my sacred code. I connect to my original bloodline of the original blueprint. It is done.” Relax your hands in receiving position in your lap. The stargate of the universe spends three times to the right, clicking within a network, connecting memory with precise directions, holding the universal language and patterns and form.

This information is in your recorder cell, connected to the tree of life or original bloodline. The blueprint of the I am. The first click releases seven rays of light. The seven elements light code stream down from the star gate and enter the top of your head and absorb into your recorder cell at the center of your brain. The seven light codes, a template, follow the 33-33 pattern flow between the two hemispheres. The light fills the space and creates a vehicle template that gives you direction, clarity and purpose as it ascends cell division.

The second click releases language. Geometric codes flow down from the universal star gate and enter the top of your head absorbing into you your recorder cell. The language codes hold a pattern and multidimensional electric magnetic code structures which call upon the life structure or everlasting existence. These codes hold the frequency of our original blueprint and radiates love into every living organism, holding the pattern of 33-33. It enhances and amplifies your sacred template by raising your frequency to the expanded living light. You inherit the glory of all universes and the evolutionary time zones. The third click on the stargate releases the star, the sacred code key of the children of light, disciples of the flame of source. You are the great white light and this key is your heritage, the truth of your bloodline. This key is the blueprint of your consciousness and holds the time zone of your original blueprint in the nanosphere of 36-36, the DNA and multi-dimensional form, the golden throne of our reality. Light censuses awaken the next universe of the Pleiades.

You have now absorbed the three atomic signals of the star gate and your sacred code is awakening. The Pleiades present this key to physical creation of the new human, the beginning of eternal life. You are the children of light and it is time to light your flame. You are the key of many mansions within the house of the I am. Your higher light molds the physical universe so that pure consciousness of the one star creates the new earth. Now take your hands and place them on top of your head. Let the living light enter every cell and every molecule of your body. Feel your code of origin activating with the intelligence of your recorder cell. Take in a deep breath and place your hands on your heart. Let it out. Thank you. I love you. It’s done. Let’s go ahead and give it over to Erika for our StarCaster forecast.

Thank you, Jewels. That was blissful. I feel blissful. StarCaster forecast, we are entering into the full moon in December, which is ruled by Gemini. What that means is it’s going to manifest itself by the need for changes in spontaneity. What’s so cool about this is that as we enter that, there’s an illusion of safety in thinking that our feelings and sharing with our feelings makes us connected and safe. You’re going to find an urge or you may notice or feel driven to be more talkative and to speak and to share with others. It’s not meant to be artificial. It’s meant to connect. It’s not ironic that it’s being ruled by Gemini during the holiday season because there’s so much energy with the full moon. As we connect with families, a lot of times, that will bring up or trigger old programs and patterns.

It’s important to stay neutral in those moments, but not to disconnect from it because it’s easy to fall back into a childhood pattern and you’re going to be urged to want to share that. It’s important to sit back and recognize it because we are entering into a winter solstice and we’re entering into the shortest day of the year. The full moon completion takes us all the way into Christmas. That day is very significant because we’ll start the new year off in a creation beginning. As you reflect over the two-week cycle of the full moon, you’re going to get to reflect on everything that you had completion for the end of the year. Do not disconnect from it. Do not judge it, just be with it and let it resonate with you and know that it’s going to motivate you and give you the energy to move into the new year.

[bctt tweet=”It’s beautiful to embrace the energy of the darkness because that’s giving you a time to reflect.” via=”no”]

It’s a beautiful time to stay warm, toasty and cozy. A lot of people, when they say they hibernate during winter, more or less it’s the time to reflect, to write down your thoughts, your dreams, maybe start a journal. What you can do is if you connect to those ideas that’s going to elevate you and shift us in a collective consciousness to a better and higher frequency to the new platform. They refer to this full moon as the cold moon because it falls during wintry chilly temperatures. It also falls close to the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. A lot of people don’t like the darkness during the evening and that length of darkness that we have. Soon after, we get to celebrate the light. It’s beautiful to embrace the energy of the darkness because that’s giving you a time to reflect. It is such a cool and powerful moon coming in to introduce us into the holiday season. Enjoy it, sit back, ride the wave, be reflective, be neutral, but connect to your feelings and truth in that. It’s a beautiful time.

I feel that. That reflection is so important. I love how you brought that in, Erika. We’ll talk more about that but first, let’s go ahead and bring over Barbara to read from The Keys of Enoch.

Thank you, Erika and Julie. Those were inspiring words from both of you. I’m floating right now. I’m coming back down to Earth. We’re going to read from the first part of the keys. I got the information that we needed to start at the beginning and it’s ironic because Julie got the same information to start from the beginning for her activation. I’m going to read from chapter 104, page 33 for any one of you that might have the book from The Keys of Enoch. This is the keys of the living bio-physical and astrophysical universe are the living pyramids of light existing within every structure, within every field of creation. Therefore, each pyramid of light is energized with Yahweh’s eye in the center of the pyramid.

This is the cosmological constant, which enables every realm of intelligence to be programmed into a higher level of creation when they can go through their pyramidical energy field of creation. The pyramid, the eternal programming of Yahweh’s eye is there with you at all times and is working with every level of evolution. A close examination of the pyramidical units in the hydrogen atom will further reveal the geometry of the star of David as a life-giving form. The consequence, the hydrogen atom holds the clues to the hydrogen matrix, which makes up the present span orientation of our evolutionary network. Human intelligence must be initiated into the pyramidical functions of the light before they can be advanced to the next ordering of the evolution, the next consciousness timescale.

We’re seeing connections between pyramids, their actions and their play along with the hydrogen atom, which we spoke about many times, Julie, and how it all ties together and how the pyramid and the eye of Yahweh. It’s our connection to everything and everyone because it is our eye connection, our direct line to the God’s force. These passages were so inspiring to me and it started my day off with a complete understanding of how the light codes are connected to each and every being and how we are all one. We must transform our understanding and move into this consciousness of one. It is exciting to me to finally begin to see the big picture.

I’ve always had numerous pieces of the picture, but I feel like I’m walking through a doorway and the doorway is leading into the One. I am confident that as we progressed towards the One, the God source, all things will become known. I am focused at the moment in the now and I am not anxious to move forward or back or any way. I am focused in the now and to me that is where I need to be and I am confident now that all things will come to pass and the codes that Julie spoke of will be given to us and have been given to us. All we need to do is acknowledge it. I’m very excited for everything, for all things, without anticipation of dread or wanting to know more than I know at the moment is what I would say.

NYM StarCaster Radio | StarCaster Forecast

StarCaster Forecast: We must transform our understanding and move into this consciousness of one.


I do feel like that is the way, Barbara. Many times, when we think about the unknown, our body goes into a chemical response of fight or flight because it wants to keep us safe. What’s being called of us right now is to be able to hold space for our bodies to have their reaction without creating the story of it and to continue to move into these higher frequencies. I was talking to Erika and Naomi about it and it’s funny because my body will raise in frequency and it will start to create that chemical reaction. I’m looking at what around me is happening that I should have worry because we put that chemical reaction into the anxiety or the worry factor as far as how it feels in our body. All that happening is that my body is trying to resist moving into these higher frequencies because it doesn’t understand it. It has never experienced it. It sees it as a threat. For me to be conscious during that expansion is what keeps me expanding. Because otherwise, I’ll go into the story and my frequency will move back down to where my body is comfortable even if it’s not comfortable in a good way.

It’s the old adage of you tend to take the path of least resistance. By being aware of what’s happening, it elevates your consciousness to understand why you’re feeling that way and to move on. It’s a beautiful understanding.

Erika had the perfect visual for what we’re going through. I’d love for you to share that with us, Erika.

I love this visual and once we’re able to identify it, we could enjoy the feeling and not be stuck with it. It’s like we’re standing on a cliff and we’re looking down and one foot is hanging off and our mind and our hearts have already jumped, but our body isn’t quite ready to jump yet. It wants to have a release like a flight or fight response because it’s left alone as a shell. It doesn’t know where to connect and where to go and it doesn’t feel ready to jump. You’re feeling that on the inside, even though every other part of you is down waiting for you to join this shell of you. The physical body of you is holding back the resistance because it wants something to connect to. It doesn’t have the same memory of blind faith that the original particle of existence does with your mind and your heart.

This is the perfect time to bring in the most amazing activation and download with Naomi. She’s amazing at this. You always have the perfect words. I would love it if you would set a platform or set a timeline for us to experience this shift of moving into these higher frequencies and expanded states of consciousness with ease and grace. Maybe working with the physical body to let go of the need to release these chemicals.

You girls have me. I’m on the edge listening to all of you talk. I’m right there and I can feel everything you’re saying. I loved Erika’s visual and I had been feeling like that too. I’ve been having this pulsating energy in my body. Let’s work with our body bringing ease and grace to our bodies. Picture yourself on the edge of a cliff and you look ahead and there’s a beautiful river that flows under you. We’re going to connect to the pattern 33. Put the pattern of 33 in your mind and draw a golden pyramid around the pattern 33. What we’re going to do with the 33, with this golden pyramid is we’re going to place it in our heart, so our heart can experience living beyond the space time continuum. With the 33 in our heart, now we’re going to put another pyramid right inside of our third eye. A golden pyramid with the pattern 33 and we’re going to place this pyramid in our consciousness, so our consciousness can live beyond the space time continuum.

[bctt tweet=”You tend to take the path of least resistance by being aware of what’s happening.” via=”no”]

We’re going to get the third 33 to represent the Trinity. We’re going to put it in our mind and draw a beautiful golden pyramid around it. We’re going to move the golden pyramid to our root chakra. We are going to ask our body to resonate with this pyramid for our body to accept moving beyond the space-time continuum, that our body accepts and resonates with living beyond the space time continuum with ease and grace. Feel these three golden pyramids inside your body. Draw one pyramid with the three pyramids. We are going to connect that to our original bloodline of the universe.

Thank you so much, Naomi. When we say density, I think of it in a physical place, but it’s also denser thoughts or denser experiences that keep us in the frequency of the reality of the third dimension. As we continue to expand into our limitless life, it’s everything that we’ve been talking about. I even find it difficult to explain or to have a conversation about what’s happening, especially with people that are still living in the density of the third dimension. It’s almost like we’re saying the exact opposite, though what we’re saying is the same thing from a different frequency. Anyways, I’ve had that experience over and over and it’s so interesting to me. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. I feel like there’s a message in it and it’s still not clear to me.

I’m feeling like I’m torn between almost like my dense body is saying, “You abandoned me. You’re leaving me. Why are you doing this to me?” It’s almost like I feel guilty because the physical body wants to exist in the density it’s in. I’m having this war between my physical third dimensional self and the abandonment feeling I’m getting and moving on into more of a light body. That’s my experience.

That’s perfect because how we worked through the death of the ego, we are now working through the death of the physical shell that we consider the physical body. In that, we’re removing genetic markers that are no longer serving us in fifth dimension and beyond. We’re shattering the illusion that we need the shell of our body to exist. That comprehension is hard for the body to accept because it goes into flight or fight because it has no longer anything to connect to because we’ve moved beyond that.

I feel like it’s something that as we leave this call and start living our normal life. It’s to pay attention to what our bodies are feeling and then pay attention to the thoughts that we’re attaching to that, and holding space for allowing ourselves to go through the uncomfortable in order to reach the higher frequencies until our body can feel comfortable there too, because it will. It is like building muscle. It’s like we’re teaching our body what it’s like to exist at higher frequencies and it’s going to go through shifts. We may have some physical weird things happening. Instead of judging it and questioning it, we observe it. That allows the energy to move through quicker without the attachment so that we can continue to resonate in these higher frequencies. That’s what it’s all about. We’re teaching our body how to exist in a higher timeline. Is there anything else that you want to add to the conversation? It’s beyond the mind that it’s almost hard to come up with things to say.

I want everyone to understand that as we’re in moments of feeling the unknown and our body is feeling uncomfortable, to try to make light of it, because it’s easy to get caught up in the sensation when in reality we can learn to play with it. We can learn to enjoy it. It doesn’t have to be this daunting thing that’s holding us back. We need to learn to observe it, breathe it in, release it out and be lighter. Sometimes when we feel those physical shifts, it holds us in to make us want to hold onto it. That can sometimes bring us down and make us feel heavy. This process isn’t heavy. It can be light, it can be freeing and there’s a release in that. Know that it’s temporary and don’t get caught up in that uncomfy zone.

NYM StarCaster Radio | StarCaster Forecast

StarCaster Forecast: Allow yourself to go through the uncomfortable to reach the higher frequencies until your body can feel comfortable there, too.


Have fun with it because it’s all an illusion anyways. It’s allowing ourselves to stay. I love how Barbara was talking about how we are all interconnected and we are in this place of oneness. The more that we step up and create this higher matrix, the easier it’s going to be for everyone because as we shift, the world shifts. It’s so exciting how we truly are one huge matrix system of divine consciousness. Every single one of us is inside of this matrix and every single one of us is part of divine consciousness. What better way to experience that than by raising our frequency so that we can truly step in to what it feels like in the physical body to exist in oneness. That makes me so happy. Naomi, I’ll put you on the spot. I would love it if you maybe do another little activation or some closing where we can send off and resonate in these high frequencies.

I would love to. It would be my honor. A pioneer on the threshold of the void with an uncharted map. The stars are calling me. I look up to my ancestors for guidance. A single star shines brighter than all the rest. Father, I feel the presence in the cells in the DNA. I chart the coordinates as true north. Scanning the sky, I find Mother in perfect alignment. Mother, the strength of your roots led me here. The holy root system of the tree of life is my family bond I share with my brothers and sisters of light. I will wear this bond as my suit of protection and trust the light always has my back. I chart Mother its true south. I chart Grandmother in the east and Grandfather in the west, my compass for the constellation of God. I will always be able to find my way home.

We are all embracing every one of you as we continue to walk into the new Earth, experience the new Earth and create heaven on Earth. Until next time, namaste.

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