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Knock Out Sun Spots

Jul 3, 2018 | Life Eternal

, Knock Out Sun Spots

Liver spots are medically termed ‘Lentigos” and also known as age spots. They are sharply defined light brown to black flat patches of skin that appear on the face, back of the hands and other areas of the body; they look somewhat like a large freckle and vary in size.

One way to diminish your chances of acquiring age spots is to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and becoming sunburnt. Sun exposure plays a role in the development of age spots, so be sure to cover up when outside and use a good quality sunscreen of 30 SPF or more. Though sun exposure does play a role in the appearance of age spots on the skin, liver function or damage has also shown to cause them. Liver spots normally appear bigger than a freckle.

Improving liver function is important to prevent and manage skin conditions such as age or liver spots. Toxins can build up in the liver that then spread into other systems of the body, creating free radicals which cause cell damage in the skin.

How does liver damage occur?
Since our liver is a large filter, everything we put into our mouth or put on our skin must pass through it. The liver stores all the remains of drugs, vaccines, birth control, and prescriptions we have taken throughout our entire lifetime! Fats from dairy and fried foods, as well as flour products, weaken the liver, so what we eat and products we use on our skin play a huge role in liver health.

How do we heal the liver?
Cleaning up our diet, lifestyle, and avoiding toxins in our food, air, water, and personal care products is the first step in creating a healthy liver and beautiful skin. Eating organic whole foods, drinking lots of clean healthy water and avoiding toxic skin and hair products supports the liver allowing it to do its job to the fullest. Daily exercise, such as walking and yoga, can also help support liver function and blood flow which results in healthily glowing skin.

Start loving your liver today by removing toxic foods and products that keep your liver from functioning at its best. Then you can enjoy the youthfulness and longevity you deserve!


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