How to Look Younger

Mar 6, 2020 | Podcast

Do you wonder how you can look younger? Your first thought may be, is it possible to look younger naturally? And the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! We at Eternal Gold Skincare want you to love the skin you are in. Many of you don’t want wrinkles, you don’t want to look older, you wonder how to reverse the aging clock. Many of you have googled for the best anti-aging products on the market. When you tune into the mindset of aging, you in fact degenerate your cells to age. The very thought and intention ages you because you were conditioned to think that as we get older, we look older. Science is proving that skin has its own state of consciousness, like the mind, and so the energy you feed it, is the energy that reflects back. If you are looking at yourself in the mirror and picking out every wrinkle and flaw in your skin, you are giving that wrinkle a consciousness of judgement rather than love. What are you telling your face, your body and your skin every time you touch it, look at it, think of it? We want you to change the way you look at yourself. We want you to embrace yourself with love rather than criticism. We want to look at the largest breathing organ on your body and give it the nourishment it needs to regenerate and rejuvenate. We offer a skincare line that gives your skin the minerals its needs to heal itself. We offer the tools to clear the toxicity in the organs that are causing your face to age. We ask you to decide how you want to age, it is a choice and you can choose to turn back the clock. Join us on this revolutionary journey to eternal youth. Schedule a Skin Consultation with us to find out what products are best for your skin type. Book a DECU Face Reading with us and clear the programs that age your skin.


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How Eternal Gold™ Can help You

ORMUS minerals are a vital and essential part of the human body. Our hair, skin, nails, muscle tissue and DNA contain the ORMUS minerals and elements. When we are low in these elements, wellness and health are not easily obtained. Even the healthiest diet will lack nutrients because of depleted soil and toxins. By using Eternal Gold ™ Skincare products, you can replenish your body and youthful radiance.
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