How do you develop unshakable confidence?

Aug 15, 2020 | Podcast

, How do you develop unshakable confidence?

In this episode of A NEW You Makeover we talk with Archanaa Shyam about what it means to have unshakable confidence and her holistic approach to helping people live a full life as well as her upcoming event “Unleash Your Unshakable Confidence for High Performers” August 28-30th. 

Getting to a place of unshakable confidence comes from the inside out – all of these facets or areas of life have to be in harmony – health, emotions, environment (home/office), work/life balance and spirit/soul. The most important ingredient that is necessary is feeling safe – in your body, in your home and on the planet. Whether it is trusting our intuition or ourselves or owning our power or stepping into our purpose – feeling safe is the foundation. Without that it’s like putting on a suit and does not come from within.

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