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How can barriers to healthy eating be overcome?

Oct 3, 2020 | Podcast

, How can barriers to healthy eating be overcome?

On this episode of A NEW You Makeover, Upgrading Human Potential, we talk with Tom Castringo about overcoming obstacles in the kitchen and the foundation for healthy eating. We also get an inside scoop on his forthcoming book “The Confidence Diet – How to create a lifetime of healthy eating habits”.

Through his teaching and writing, Tom helps people learn to cook without a recipe so you can easily adopt healthy eating habits and promote personal wellness. Weight loss and weight control are two primary reasons to learn fast, easy, healthy cooking skills. Tom’s personal goal of staying out of the doctor’s office is another great reason to learn to create healthy meals for yourself. The Confidence Diet focuses on building kitchens skills, knowledge of spices and seasonings, and effective use of time in the kitchen as a way to increase our self-confidence. Tom believes that strengthening our self-confidence is the foundation that helps us adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

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