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Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Jewels Arnes:  DECU Founder/Creator, Teacher/Practitioner

Jewels experienced a deepened and expanded connection and more open line of communication with her Soul family, The Council of Light after life events that brought her into expanded states of consciousness. She felt an irrefutable calling to raise the frequency of humanity. Through the synergy of connecting with her soul family, these things revealed themselves to be a method to transform cellular intelligence.  With over 25 years in Vibrational Healing and multiple accreditationsJewels’ developed her Super Power of Tracing energy patterns to find the beliefs or programs that keep us in the cycle of aging and disease.  She Created DECU Face Reading and found the power in becoming the New Human, the NEW You!

Developing a delivery system for people to receive the elements of Eternal Gold Beauty products and the frequencies of DECU Face Reading, Jewels started her journey into Intentional Molecular Creation. This then evolved into a revolutionary method to not only support cells to age in reverse, but to give people the power to heal themselves. Wanting to bring about ground breaking changes in cellular intelligence, Jewels focuses on creating the NEW Human by teaching her Step by Step method, DECU Face Reading, to those who feel the calling to enhance the human experience.  Jewels is dedicated to bringing in the energy sequences needed to raise the frequency of the planet one Face and a Time.


Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Erika Barth: DECU Face Reading Teacher and Practitioner

Erika Barth is a Consciousness Advocate, DECU Face Reading Teacher and Practitioner, Energy Worker, Face Mapping Specialist, Kundalini Teacher, Licensed Cosmetologist, DOULA and Certified Fitness Trainer & Group Exercise Instructor. Erika has worked in the health, beauty and wellness industry for the last 20 years.

Understanding alignment, energy and frequency, Erika observed the disconnect and discontent in everyone’s outer appearance; whether it was criticism of their face, skin, hair, or body, she would watch the energy shift as she asked guests to “look” at themselves and/or get in their body. Understanding that this energy shift affected the way we look, Erika joined forces with Jewels Arnes at Eternal Gold Beauty to assist Jewels in getting the word out about DECU Face Reading, a powerful modality that connects people to their skin while using high frequency skincare that regenerates and rejuvenates the cells to reverse the signs of aging.

Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Sarah Balmer – Certified DECU Practitioner

Sarah Balmer is a lightworker, energy healer and creative who is passionate about helping others lead a more awakened life, learn how to embody their authentic light and hold a higher vibration. Through her intuitively designed jewelry, Anchor the Light monthly box, classes, and one-on-one sessions, Sarah imparts a deeper understanding of the human biofield, helps to reprogram unconscious patterns, and empower others to align with their truth, becoming ever more authentic, liberated and expanded.

Sarah holds certifications for DECU, holistic health coaching, transformational life coaching, behavior change coaching, crystal healing, teaching yoga, personal training, reiki, past life regression, akashic records, EFT and TFT tapping, aromatherapy, and design. She’s received continuing education in shamanism, the Tao te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, chakra healing, energy medicine, cacao ceremonies, vibrational sound healing, mediumship, quantum healing, and self-mastery.

Find her work online at and follow her on Instagram @sarahbellestyle to see new creations, receive daily bits of inspiration and learn about upcoming events.

Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Ami – Certified DECU Practitioner/Acension Guide

As a DECU practitioner, Ami is an Ascension Guide will take you on a journey into the cellular intelligence of your body through your skin. As you walk a path of self discovery, it may feel familiar as it has been Your journey and together it will uncover the places and spaces where celluar degeneration has set in due to low frequency Belief Systems! Ami is gifted with having the ability to feel into and read the energy that is behind words both written and spoken. She will teach and guide through imagery and the energy she picks up on during your session. This will prompt you into an experience and new awareness of your own transformation process, making it relatable and connected to your innate wisdom. As you begin to resonate with higher frequencies, you will leave equipt to continue working and playing with your patterns in order to Be the ture You that you came here to be. A DECU session with Ami is a souljourn that accomplishes clearing and removing many energy patterns and Social Conditioned Beleifs that have been keeping you from Living your Fullest Life. You will be held in a space of grace, love, ease and a sprinkle of joy.

Her awakened journey began with the “New Children” whom she has a special heart resonance with. She has been an advocate for their messages, higher wisdom and super powers that they enter this earth plane with. Ami is mother of 3, is Accredited in yoga, an Awesomism Practitioner, Creatrix of handmade jewelry and art through drawing, Reiki Attuned, A Selenite Sword Master and Sophia Code Cricle Leader. She is deeply connected to the kingdom of nature and has a Galactic lineage that also spans into the Earth realms of Lemuira, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt.

Ami’s DECU journey has lead her to discover that facilitating Healing can be, fast and fun! DECU lead her to live her True~Home Frequency and playing with her can get you on your way not matter where you begin.


Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Megan – Certified DECU Practitioner

Megan is a certified DECU practitioner and licensed esthetician with training in Reiki.

Megan’s journey to a higher consciousness brought her to DECU. The way DECU traces energy while focusing on accession, and not the past, allows us to discover aspects of self that are ready to clear. With just one session you will see the brilliance within shine through.

Megan’s compassion and open heart will help you raise your frequency and live your Divine Life. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, or if you are just seeking to look and feel better about the skin you’re in, Megan is ready to hold space for you. When in session with Megan, she invites Your Highest Self to BE present. She creates a space of trust, allowing you to soften and let go of whatever is blocking the vision of the New You, enabling you to step into the greatness of the Eternal You. Together you will co-create the Unity that is available to all of us, as we shift and ascend into the New Earth Reality. You will be encouraged and supported as Your Truth Emerges through the transformation of your skin through the DECU process.

When you are ready, Megan will be there to support you.

Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Melinda Bergen – Certified DECU Practitioner

I feel the body is innately unlimited and wants to be free to move in eternal health, agelessness and beauty.  Not society’s concept of beauty, but a beauty that is alive, true and uniquely you.  DECU provides a way to wake up your cellular intelligence to bring all of you online to change the programming of ageing and realize more of who you truly are.  And because our skin is the most visible organ, we see the results here first.  It gives me so much pleasure to share this with you and to be a catalyst for your own empowered aliveness.  Ultimately, YOU are the one who will make the difference!  People who have received DECU from me have seen overnight changes.  My approach is direct, loving and effective.  DECU has been a gift for me and I know it will be for you too.  With more than 15 year’s experience in the healing arts, music and empowered longevity strategies, I am dedicated to creating paradise through embodiment. 

Jewels Arnes, Find a Certified DECU Practitioner

Archanaa Shyam – Certified DECU Practitioner

As an Intuitive Visionary Strategist and Alchemist, Archanaa works with stressed out High Performers who are feeling stuck.

Her genius is helping you Own Your Power, Success and Unshakable Confidence from within so You experience Calm, Safety, Harmony and Balance in Your Body, in Your Home and on the Planet.

Archanaa is a Certified DECU Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Master Sacred Space Creator, Usui Reiki Master, Shaman, Fire Alchemist, Crystal Keeper, Master Energy Transmitter, and Evangelist for Organic Living – her healing approach is unique and personalized for each client. Archanaa was born with the innate gift of intuition, which she has progressively refined over many years of studying, professional training and experimentation. Her education and career include experiences in finance, accounting, healthcare, information technology and web design.

“I absolutely love what I do – guiding and witnessing others’ transformation is gratifying and deeply humbling at the same time.” – Archanaa Shyam



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