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Eternal Gold™ All Natural Skincare Products Are Proudly Made in the U.S.A. in the Rocky Mountains.
Why is All Natural skincare important?
Skin is our largest organ. Our bodies are exposed to exorbitant amounts of toxins every day in our environment, household cleaners, food, pesticides, pollution and water to name a few. Harmful toxic chemicals can cause disease, cancer, neurological disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders, autoimmune disorders, birth defects and more. In 2016, leading scientists, doctors and policy advocates across various disciplines throughout the globe made a joint statement in a landmark alliance that the science on toxic chemicals is clear: Toxins can harm brain development and cause massive disease. Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products are all-natural, uses organic when possible, and made in the U.S.A.
Do you sell your skincare line at wholesale quantities? I’d like to stock this in my studio.

Yes, please send us an email at to discuss.
We offer white Labeling

What is the shelf life of your skincare products?

Our products have an 18 month shelf life.

Does Eternal Gold™ support sustainable practices?
Eternal Gold™ is passionate about sustainable practices. Our ingredients are all-natural, and sustainably sourced in the Rocky Mountains. Our product packaging is recyclable, Eternal Gold™ is animal-free, cruelty free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, and Non-GMO. We never test on animals. We are animal lovers!
Is Eternal Gold™ packaging recyclable?
Yes, Eternal Gold™ bottles and packaging are recyclable.
Do you test Eternal Gold™ Skincare products on animals?
Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products are proudly people tested and endorsed by estheticians, dermatologists and men and women who love All Natural skincare throughout the nation. Eternal Gold™ is cruelty free and animal free.
Is Eternal Gold™ All Natural? Soy Free? Dairy Free? Vegan? Non GMO?
All Eternal Gold™ Skincare Products are All Natural sourced from the Rocky Mountains. All products are, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan and made with natural ingredients and are non-GMO.
Why is the mind/body connection so important for healing, maximum skincare and reversal of the signs of aging?
When we approach skincare with a mind/body approach, we are consciously creating anti-aging effects and enhanced overall health of the body. Using conscious awareness we can overcome the disease we call aging by becoming fully in tune with our own life force energy. We can use this conscious awareness to enhance this life force energy to regenerate and heal the body. As we age, we are often unaware of exactly “when” we are losing life force energy. In these moments, we are in resistance and cause energetic blocks in our body. These energy blocks restrict energy flow and can cause depression, injury and disease. When we are consciously living our life, our body easily allows energy to flow and brings health and well-being. We are only just discovering the impact a conscious mind can have on the human body… it is the next stage of human evolution. It is how we can CHOOSE how we want to age!
What skincare regimen should I follow? Does it matter which products I use? Do I need to follow a particular order?

Every product in the Eternal Gold™ Skincare line uses a similar synergy and is great for all skin types. When choosing your product regimen you first want to determine the benefits you are seeking. The Eternal Gold™ products can be integrated into any other skincare regimen.

Eternal Gold™ Skincare Daily Skincare Regimen


  • Cleanser of choice
  • Toner of choice
  • Sunscreen: Don’t forget your sunscreen! Dermatologists recommend a minimum of SPF 30.
  • Serum of choice
  • If in your regimen: Acne Solution is added at this stage
  • This is the perfect time to add ‘Glow’ or ‘Glow Dust’ to your daily routine.
  • Renewing Face Cream or Day Cream

Evening Before Bedtime

  • Cleanser of choice
  • Eye Cream
  • Serum
  • Renewing Face Cream
  • Facial Oil may be added for extra moisture
    Do your moisturizers contain SPF and UV protection? Which level? Do you use cancer causing SPF ingredients?
    The Eternal Gold™ Restorative Day Cream has SPF and UV protection using natural oils and minerals with no harmful chemicals. The level of protection is not clinically determined and is predicted to be at SPF 15. Dermatologists recommended using a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 with any skincare regimen.
    Can I use Eternal Gold™ Skincare while pregnant or nursing?
    All of our products are all-natural, gentle and effective with no risk for usage during pregnancy or while nursing.
    How long do the energetic frequencies in Eternal Gold™ Skincare products last?
    The Eternal Gold™ Skincare line energetic frequencies added to the products do not expire. Frequency is essentially energy, which means the energy will remain until your product is used and absorbed by your skin. Do not add anything to your product once opened, and the energetic frequency will always be viable.
    How Is Eternal Gold™ High Frequency Organic Skincare Made?
    Through a process of infusing energy to telomeres via ORMUS, a scalar device is programmed with over 250 vibrational imprints. This frequency is added in its purest form without limitation. The scalar device is used to create a wave that contains imprinted information. Some of the frequencies used are HGH, repaired DNA, activated DNA, repaired telomeres, adult stem cells and other specific energies formulated to reverse aging.
    How Does Quantum Healing with ORMUS, Gold & Scalar Energy Work?
    The frequencies create a full body balance working with the organs, hormones, endocrine system and the auric field, creating health and vitality for mind, body and spirit. The stored information can be within or outside of the dimension of the scalar wave.

    Scalar waves are entirely different waves than Hertzian waves. The Scalar wave is a high frequency receiver and conductor used for accurate information that does not decay over time or distance. This energy performs with the energy system of the human body. The imprinted energy is carried through a conductor, gold, and imprinted onto the ORMUS or M-state element substance. In this state, the ORMUS allows the imprinted energy to move in and out of the third dimension, bringing the imprinted energy into its purest form. At its purist form, life force energy can be retrieved and reconnected with the person of use. Each time the scalar imprinted ORMUS moves in and out of existence, more life force energy is brought back into the conductor or receiver of the gold, carrying the life force energy and other imprinted energy information.

    The imprinted ORMUS then travels through the chosen conductor, Gold, by carrying the imprinted energy into the solid forms within the product, such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Rose. The Gold then penetrates the product ingredients deep into the skin, where it can work from the inside out creating health and well-being, as well as reverse aging of the skin. The energies and elements work together continuously, gathering more and more life force energy.

    Do energetic imprints of Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Adult Stem Cells, Collagen Production, peptides really work?
    Yes! Your body is made of energy. Everything in nature has an energetic pattern that holds an intelligence of that pattern. This pattern can be imprinted onto a substance and then registered as the intelligence itself. For example, the human growth hormone is registered by the body in the same way when using the actual hormone or the energetic imprint of the hormone.
    Are there any side effects of using ORMUS on sensitive skin?
    No. ORMUS is a mineral substance that is already naturally occurring in your body! There are no harmful side effects no matter what your skin type.
    Are there any side effects of using Gold on sensitive skin?
    The Gold used in Eternal Gold™ skin care products is at a nano particle. This is not the same as Gold in solid form. People with metal allergies or sensitive skin will not be affected by Gold in the nano particle. Gold is an anti-inflammatory and can bring balance to sensitive skin.
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