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Choosing the reality of your Experience

Apr 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

, Choosing the reality of your Experience

The way of the Gatekeepers:
The gateway is opening. You will begin to notice a gold light
come into your existence. This light holds the key that will unlock
additional codes of the DNA. Many of you are already carrying
these codes and your bodies are rapidly changing. The codes will
open the gateway of the sacred heart, allowing the body to move
into the next stage of evolution. The Sun will continue to download
the information and reprogram the mind so that you can make this
transition as easy as possible. Those of you who are Gatekeepers
will be the first to fully activate. The Gatekeepers are the first to
enter the New Earth and will assist others through the process. The
process will be different for everyone and the time connected to the
transition will fluctuate as each individual lets go of the
programming which is not in truth of the New Earth. Illusion will
shatter for everyone.

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