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A NEW You Makeover: Conscious Calendars

Dec 24, 2019 | Podcast, Uncategorized

Astrology self healing anti-aging, A NEW You Makeover: Conscious CalendarsAstrology self healing anti-aging, A NEW You Makeover: Conscious Calendars
Name: Kathleen Whalen
Phone: (206) 384-8978

In this episode Kathleen talks about our connection between the earth and the stars with Conscious Calendars!  Kathleen is an expert in Vedic Astrology, Acupuncture & Chinese medicine, Qi and Prana Healing, the healing power of mantra and vibrational healing modalities. I love creating and weaving new uses from ancient healing systems.

Kathleen has helped hundreds of thousands of people harness the power of Vedic Astrology through Conscious Calendars, a simple, color-coded calendar that shows the opportunity, romance and self-healing Days of the year and has been downloaded in over 184 countries.
She’s also the developer of AstroVantage, a comprehensive karmic guidance series that aligns purpose with opportunity. Through the power of Vedic astrology,
Kathleen consults and guides teams of successive millionaires and enjoys working with those who are deeply on their spiritual path.

Mega Red Days in the Conscious Calendars are Eclipse Days.
Eclipses are one of the ways I help people by helping explain that they are NOT days to manifest or set intentions in Vedic Astrology, and are important windows into deepening our spiritual path and building commitment muscles also known as discipline. Discipline may not be a sexy word and it leads to freedom! So I use the eclipses to be magical windows to create freedom from being ruled by my likes, dislikes, troubles, patterns, addictions or strong desires and create health and freedom.

DESTINY AND FATE: The issue of destiny and fate often comes up when talking about the Conscious Calendars. Conscious Calendars do not decree to you what will happen. They are a pulse of an energy available in the day to everyone and thus it helps us manage our own energy and take responsibility for our choices and actions in a new way, so that we do not feel a victim of circumstances.
By not falling victim to a wild and scattered day and feeling all over the place, we can choose to eat regular meals and stay grounded on Yellow Days, plan extra time for a drive or commute, and have backup technology plans and let long lines or back-ups roll off of our back more easily because…”Ah, well, it’s a Yellow Day! I am going to skip this step and keep moving toward a quieter place away from people and technology when I can.”

And we can know when a Green Day is up to a year ahead of time, so again, we can not depend on fate but actively choose to prepare for those important days and say YES and discover new information and be open to new experiences especially on Green Days.



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