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A Healing Experience With Willow

Jan 17, 2020 | Podcast, Uncategorized

NYM 12 | DECU Face Reading


DECU or Dermal Expression Cellular Upgrade is a one-of-a-kind method of healing. Today, Jewels Arnes goes through an enlightening experience with Willow as they dive into some deep healing work through DECU face reading and show us through the pathways of hydrogen atoms that initiates the healing process. Tune in to this episode as Willow demonstrates the process with Jewels and proves how frequencies can initiate repair on a cellular and spiritual level.

Listen to the podcast here:

A Healing Experience With Willow

DECU Face Reading

We are going to dive deep into some deep healing work through DECU Face Reading. I have Willow with me. I want to honor you, for allowing yourself to be vulnerable for others to be able to hold this space with you so that we all can experience this healing together. Welcome to the show, Willow.

Thank you for having me. I’m honored to be talking to you, Jewels. I’m excited.

Let’s get started. Is there something that you wanted to bring into the healing?

If we want to dive deep right away, I had something come up for me about my personal journey and my path. As you know, everything has its own purpose and is contracted. When I was about fourteen, I was put on psychiatric medications. I didn’t get off of them until I was 34. For twenty years, anything you’ve seen a commercial for, I’ve probably taken it. It’s a sad little cloud. Now, it’s coming to my awareness that I have some actual neural disconnections and things that physically in my brain need to be healed.

This is my favorite. Let’s go in and do that. We’re going to start by working with the neurotransmitters in your heart because this is going to hold the space for your brain to follow without resistance. I’m going to have you put your hands to your heart. Many people out there have experienced this on some level. Even if it’s to balance the chemical responses in the brain and how they’re connected to our body and connecting to our reality, I think everybody could use this. I know I could because our bodies are wired. What we’re going to do with this healing is we’re going to go ahead and not only fix what was broken, but we’re going to upgrade to the next timeline or to the next system because why not? Let’s do it. We’ll have you shut your eyes and go into the heart center. I can already feel the Council of Light coming in. It always knocks me out every time.

I call upon them before so they were waiting in the wings.

I can feel it. Anytime they’re connecting to you, it’s like you have already invited them so it’s just tenfold.

Here we are.

[bctt tweet=”As the frequency of your heart raises, it’s raising the frequency of your blood. ” via=”no”]

Let’s breathe through that. What I’m getting is that you’re going to be taking the hydrogen atom from the Star of Bethlehem. This hydrogen atom is going to flow down and enter the center of your heart. As it enters the second center of your heart, it’s going to click three times to the right. It’s going from 12:00 to 3:00, 3:00 to 6:00, 6:00 to 9:00. As it enters 9:00, another hydrogen atom is released from the core of the earth. This is going to enter your heart. As it enters the center of your heart, it bonds with the first hydrogen atom. As they bond together, the click goes from 9:00 to 12:00. As the hydration atom holds the frequency of this full cycle, it is bringing in the frequency of oneness, the frequency or the intelligence of the matrix system that is flowing through every person. Everyone listening to this call, every tree, every cell, every molecule and every particle of existence. This intelligence is held in your heart.

As your heart holds the intelligence of oneness in this matrix system, this full-body of consciousness that activates and awakens the synapse responses of your heart that are connected to unity consciousness. I was going to let that download for a moment to feel the experience in your heart. As the frequency of your heart races, it’s racing the frequency of your blood. The intelligence of this matrix is defying unity. The matrix is pumping into your blood as it’s feeding your physical body, your emotional body and your mental body. As it expands into your spiritual experience, bonding them all as one experience. It’s allowing this frequency to activate every cell and every molecule of your body as it raises the frequency of your physical body, allowing more light to enter between each particle as your body takes on the intelligence of this unity matrix.

We’re going to go ahead and move these activated hydrogen atoms and place them into the center of your brain where it enters your recorder cell. Your recorder cell holds your existence. It holds your eternity in perfect form. As these activated hydrogen atoms enter your recorder cell, it is going to send the signals of repair and rejuvenation to not only the damaged parts of the brain but activating the part of the mind that is way ready to awaken. It’s feeling the shift in your mind. It’s feeling that regeneration through rejuvenation. We’re going to bring in the rainbow light that holds the seven elements. It filters right to the top of your head entering every cell and molecule of your brain and all the tissues around your brain.

The cerebrospinal fluid is entering this fluid and allowing it to open and flow up and down the spine and this frequency of the loving light, the rainbow light. I want you to see the rainbow light enter every cell and every molecule of your brain. As it enters the cells and the molecules, it begins to spin. As it spins, it is clearing all frequencies that are not up love and above. Letting them spin, clearing, canceling and deleting as though they never existed. As they continue to spin, every cell and every molecule of your brain raises to the frequency of I am one, I am eternal. I exist. The intelligence of the divine matrix letting the cells take on this frequency as we fully absorbed the intelligence of the unity consciousness. You can feel the brain and the heart begin to beat. They fire as one unit. There’s no separation as they exist in this one state of consciousness, this one intelligence as it works together as a unit. How are you feeling, Willow?

I’m feeling amazing, lovely.

That was fun.

I’m seeing a lot of colors. It’s really beautiful.

I’m going to go in because I want to connect a little bit stronger, the synapse responses from the two hemispheres of the brain. Give me one second and I’m going to go in. As soon as you spoke, those fires went back. I want to connect them a little bit stronger. I’m going to go in and clear when you were fourteen when you started taking the drugs. We are going to cancel and delete, as that started to happen, the cells started to rejuvenate or regenerate in the frequency of what was happening at that moment then taking on the frequency of the drugs. I’m going to go in and clear the intelligence that the cells took on or the memory of that experience. Tell me how you’re feeling when I’m working on that, Willow.

NYM 12 | DECU Face Reading

DECU Face Reading: Hydration atoms bring in the frequency of oneness or intelligence of the matrix system that is flowing through every person.


It’s very interesting. I’m literally having flashes. If you can imagine twenty years of psychiatric care, I’m having flashes of every office, every waiting room, every doctor, every therapist, and my earth mom but I’m feeling a little bit of awareness of some sinus. I can feel it physically coming back together.

When I say that we’re deleting the experience and we’re deleting the memory of the first time you took this drug and started this journey, tell me what you feel in your body.

There’s a lot of room for more light instead of maybe a traumatic memory.

I wanted to be sure you were in a place where you were willing to take on that experience of that being cleared before I clear it.

Absolutely, I’ve come to understand that there was a very real purpose and I contracted that myself. I’m grateful but I’m ready to release it.

We’re going to go in and delete the memory from the cells of that. It’s funny because there’s one part of your brain that’s holding the memory for the rest of it. We’re going to go in and clear that part of the brain and bring in some more light and let it start speaking to the rest of the brain from this higher frequency. If there was a thought, either an I am statement or a frequency that you can connect to so that as we leave the call and you’re experiencing daily life again and you start to recognize when these old responses try to fire that you can replace them. I always like to do an I am statement because it seems to flow, but if there’s something else that you want to replace it with because I want to download that into this area of the brain so that when you say it, it’s going to help recycle it. You’re not going back to the old programs and we can’t activate it in this higher frequency.

What came through first when you first asked was, “I am safe.”

That’s the frequency that we’re in. I’m going to say, “I am safe. I’m protected and the universe has my back.” Let me work this because it’s firing in this place of resistance, but it’s not really. It doesn’t fire in this way before so it’s having trouble fully moving yet. It’s learning. We’re bringing in, “I am safe. I am protected. The universe has my back.” We almost have it. I’m going to have you say that three times, Willow.

[bctt tweet=”The sun expands into your spiritual experience, bonding them all as one experience. ” via=”no”]

“I am safe. I am protected. The universe has my back. I am safe. I am protected. The universe has my back. I am safe. I am protected. The universe has my back.”

It went perfect. I got major full-body chills.

My eyes are closed as we’re speaking and I see these beautiful threads of purple. They’re glittery. That must be what’s in there working.

When you recognize, when you’re going back to that old way of existing, I want you to repeat this. What I want you to do is as you’re repeating your I am statement, I want you to see or imagine a place in your brain that’s damaged. This one little tiny part of your brain is the part that’s holding the whole process of what you’re experiencing. Bringing this frequency right into the cells and the molecules and it doesn’t matter. You can imagine where it would be in your brain and maybe even bringing in these colors and stuff that you’re seeing and have it go right into that area of the brain. Stay there in that area of that brain until you believe your “I am” statement. You’re going to feel the shift in your body like we did. I could even feel it in my body. Once you get to that shift, just say, “Thank you,” and go do some action. You could dance for five seconds or you have to move your body so that you’re integrating that energy shift or the new programming.

You want to fully bring it to the cells of your body by doing some jumping jacks or whatever it is. Move your body for a few seconds and then go do something positive. It could be even like if you’re in the middle of washing the dishes and this happens. When you go back to washing the dishes, feel the highest frequency of whatever it is that you’re experiencing at that moment. That’s where your mind or your brain is going to be able to move into that expansion of the higher mind that we had activated so it can start firing that new earth experience because you’re able to connect to the highest frequency of what you’re experiencing. That’s your homework. How fun is that?

That’s not bad. I work out pretty much every day and I’m thinking that as a practice, I’ll do it before I start my workout because I have started doing these random active meditations while I’m working out to different songs. I think that’ll be a good practice, but if it comes up randomly, I’ll do the same thing.

That’s amazing to do it consciously as a daily practice. We definitely want you doing that. When you start to recognize that your frequency is dropping and you’re moving back into your old timeline, that’s where you want to interrupt it and bring in this higher frequency. Then you’re interrupting the whole system of your body and every time we do that is how we’re creating our new reality. That’s what we want to do. We want to create a newer reality. This is so much fun. This is my passion.

This is amazing.

I want you to tell me how you’re feeling, Willow.

NYM 12 | DECU Face Reading

DECU Face Reading: There’s one part of our brain that holds the memory for the rest of it.


The word that keeps coming is clear. I feel clear. I get a lot of direct guidance, but sometimes it’s fuzzy. I wonder if that’s related because I feel like I could connect in a second. It feels very clear and pure, but good.

I love that. I always encourage people that want more concrete guidance in a way that they can feel the experience of it is to do automatic writing. I would say that it was probably my most powerful process because over about a three-month period, my body integrated fully what it felt like to bring in the higher frequencies and be able to do an action at the same time. A lot of times, you almost go into that data state or completely conk out altogether because it’s such a frequency. It is almost like your conscious mind can hold it. If you’re doing something with it like writing or exercising would be another awesome time to do it, then your body knows what it’s like to hold that high frequency of communication and not conk out. Your body knows what it is and then when that comes in and you’re living your daily life, your body is like, “Here it comes.” You know instantly, “I need to pay attention.” You can do it anytime in your life. It’s not something you have to do during meditation or you’re going to fall asleep or whatever.

It is interesting you say that because a new gift was unlocked for me and I’m writing the light language. Directly, that sounds perfect.

How amazing and what a beautiful gift. Willow, this was amazing. I honor you so much and I have to say that this was a lot of fun for me to experience this with you. I hope everybody else feels the same way in which I know that there’s probably some of you out there that are resonating with this at such a high level. I want to say thank you for joining us. I hope that we have you back on here soon.

Absolutely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love connecting with you. You’re the best, Jewels.

Thank you. To all of you out there, we’re sending you a great big hug. I encourage you to step up onto that new earth platform and start living from your highest potential. Until next time, namaste.

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