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003 Yvonne Zook: Healing the Skin and Body from the Inside Out

Nov 11, 2019 | Podcast

In this episode, Jewels Arnes and Yvonne Zook discuss:

  • Healing the skin with the least amount of trauma.
  • The relationship between what you put into your body and your largest organ.
  • The mind, body, spirit connection.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will get better results by feeding the skin and focusing on ingredients and product lines that are going to go deeper into the skin and create the results.
  • The foods and beverages you put into your body a massive difference in how your skin looks and reacts.
  • Creating inflammation in your skin and body does accelerate the aging process.

“Be really conscious when you use your products. Our thoughts are so powerful, we are energy, and we are made up of the atoms and molecules, which is energy.” —  Yvonne Zook

About Yvonne Zook: Yvonne began her career as an esthetician in 1998.  She loves that there is always so much to learn and discover in this business.  Yvonne has also taken the time to discover herself. This profession has led her to other amazing practitioners that have assisted her with growing and challenging herself with inner work.  Yvonne believes that the more she is in balance and connected to herself, the better esthetician she is for her clients. Her philosophy agrees with healing the skin and the body from the inside out.  Everything is connected. Mind, body and spirit. Her modalities focus on creating change in the skin while causing the least amount of trauma. She uses clean skin care ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals.  Yvonne loves seeing improvements in her clients’ skin.

Connect with Yvonne Zook:
Facebook: Anew You
LinkedIn: Yvonne Zook
Reference: The Food Babe

Connect with Jewels Arnes:
Book: A NEW You Makeover: Upgrading Human Potential
Show: A NEW You Makeover: Upgrading Human Potential
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