001 Welcome To A New You Makeover: Upgrading Human Potential

Nov 7, 2019 | Podcast

Welcome to A New You Makeover! This show is an anti-aging revolution where you will be able to enter an eternal life of youth and vitality by expanding your mind, elevating your frequency, and evolving to eternal youth. With your host, Jewels Arnes and from leading life enthusiast experts, anti-aging frontiers, and consciousness advocates to learn how to use the mind to achieve youth and vitality. With her decades in the healing realm, Jewels has learned that our minds are our most powerful tool, but it can also be our worst enemy. By rewiring patterns, programs, and thoughts in our minds, we can heal disease and injury and become more connected with our eternal selves. You are invited today to begin challenging your thoughts on aging. Please, join our community, where we will, together, advance humans to the next level.

“As a human race, we have agreed that aging is just something that happens. I challenge you to not only disagree with this but to upgrade human potential by rewiring the mind to higher states of consciousness. We have the ability to reverse aging, cure disease, and become the New Human, by evolving beyond the limitations we have all agreed to unconsciously.” —  Jewels Arnes

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Book: A NEW You Makeover: Upgrading Human Potential
Show: A NEW You Makeover: Upgrading Human Potential
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